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food review: Sushi Groove June 12, 2007

Posted by ewokiebear in Food.

where: One Utama, new wing 1st floor. it’s sort of below Esquire Kitchen and Shogun

I was a little skeptical about this place looking as it did (it looked rather… expensive & snotty), but I decided that it would be worth trying finding out that the prices weren’t too bad after all.

The menu is still a soft launch one, so there are limited items on the menu, but still enough to pique the interest. We had the Curry Chicken Bibimbap (rm14.90) (yes, fusion food) and a Fusion Dragon roll (rm14.90), which came sort of similar to a rainbow roll but with beef slices and cheese layered on top of a roll containing tempura prawn and salmon (I think). Really quite interested. No pictures again cause we were really hungry and by the time I thought about it the food was all gone.

Found out that this is an Indonesian concept. Website is here

It would be interesting to see how this concept takes off. From the outside it looks very expensive and intimidating (and since the lighting is very low, intimate as well) so I’m not sure that they would really be attracting the crowds.

Hopefully next time I’ll have pics… but for the meantime:

Rating: 6.8/10 for good food & decent prices. Service was a little… eccentric, but okay. Waiting for the menu proper to come out and then I’ll try it again.



1. max - June 14, 2007

Haha… yea.. the place looks a bit intimidating. will try it as well.
6.8? haha… how did you come up with 6.8? esp the 0.8?

2. ewokiebear - June 15, 2007

7 and above would mean something that I would go back to as often as I can. This place is nice, but not _that_ great. But it’s good enough to warrant more than a 6, so hence the .8!

3. max - June 19, 2007

oh ok… point taken. thx. (“,)

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